Owner Statement

What is the difference between all of the aluminum and stainless steel props on the market today?

I built this site to help you answer all of your boat prop questions. Propellers can be confusing, but this site can show you the differences in performance you can expect with different propeller styles.


Aluminum Props

Aluminum Boat Propellers are the most common and most affordable option. Aluminum props are fine for 130 HP and smaller, but above 130HP you should be using a stainless steel prop.  
The best performing Aluminum Props are also the most Expensive. Mercury Quicksilver props perform very well on Mercury and Mercruiser applications. For all other outboards and stern drives I have found Turning Point Propellers to Be the top performer.  Turning Point Aluminum props perform almost as good as many Stainless Steel Propellers and are less than half the price.
Many of the aluminum props on the market today require you buy a hub kit to attach the prop to your boat. Solas Propellers still offers Propellers with rubber hubs that use all of your original hardware. Solas Propellers are some of the best around and are low priced.


Boat Styles

Bass Boats, Walleye Boats, Flat Bottom Boats, and Bow Cruisers all have different hull configurations that affect how the boat takes off, how the boat handles, the boat's top end speed.
Bass boats are very heavy in the stern, hard to get on plain and hard to control at high speeds. These are the perfect candidate for Four Bladed boat propellers. The Four blade grips the water much better and helps get the boat up on plain and at the same time Greatly improves the handling and control at mid to high speeds.
Walleye Boats & Bow Riders have a little bit of a deeper V hull than bass boats. These Deeper V-Bottom Boats do not have as many issues with handling and control. The deeper heavier walleye boats will require a propeller with a bigger diameter that have more surface area than  your standard prop Such as Mercury Mirage and Mercury Tempest Stainless Propellers.
Flat Bottom Boats or boats with little or no V in their hull have no trouble getting up on plain & usually can use higher pitch propellers than V-Hull boats. However, if you over Pitch your boat you will have poor performance on low and top end speeds.


Stainless Props

Stainless steel boat propellers are TEN TIMES stronger that aluminum boat props.
MYTH: If I hit something while running a stainless steel boat propeller I am more likely to damage the components of my lower unit.
FACT: Over aluminum props, Stainless Steel Propellers do not increase your risk of internal damage after a propeller collision. I have seen more bent propeller shafts from aluminum props over Stainless props.

MYTH: My boat came with an Aluminum Prop when it was new so that is what I should run.
FACT:  The boat dealer typically puts on whatever prop makes the most profit. I Always see dealers putting Used Aluminum props on brand new outboards and Stern Drives.  
FACT: On Higher Horsepower Applications Aluminum propellers will vibrate so bad that they can not fully accelerate.

MYTH: Stainless Steel propellers are not repairable.
FACT: Green Bay Propeller & Marine Repairs, Balances, and Polishes Stainless Steel Propellers EVERY DAY!  Repaired Stainless Steel Propellers from Green Bay Prop are returned to the customer in "better than new" condition!